It’s not her birthday.

It’s not even our wedding anniversary.

So I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing this post.

Perhaps it’s that today’s headlines are so filled with indescribable gun shootings; corporate corruption, and a planet groaning with the oppressive weight of a selfish, consumerist world, that a new narrative is in need of play.   Or perhaps it’s that every song on the radio (or podcast or streaming service- whatever it is, these days) is laden with such angst and loneliness and heartbreak that they leave me like a helpless, teary John Boehner.  I believe this world has sunk into a tad of malaise; a low-grade depression in need of a solid reminder that deep love is possible.  So reading someone’s love letter can’t do any harm. So here goes:

My Kristan is her own constellation. Her beauty is show-stopping, but it’s her heart and spirit that grip my chest to the point where I’m breathing in clipped gasps.

I love how her laugh has an edge to it which usually suggests there is an angle to the joke you have surely missed. I love how she knows how to use any word in any sentence.  I love how she was the first person to bring a meal over or watch a child when a friend was in need.  Our backyard was your backyard, as far as she could tell, so welcome!

I love how she is able to speak love into the hearts of all children (including my own) at every turn.

Since the first day I saw her, with her smart, short haircut and independent spirit, she has ignited a charge in my heart that most men would describe as one that makes them bat-crazy;  prone to irrational gestures and decisions.  Her smile is burned into my consciousness, and when I am away from her for more than a few hours it projects itself onto the frontal part of my consciousness like the Bat Symbol illuminated the night sky of Gotham.  And just as, with the sight of this light, Batman comes running, I, too, come running at the thought of her heart-melting smile.

I choose nothing over this woman;  she is loveliest song ever written. She is the richest wine to be drunk.

I was within an hour (friends with me that night attest to mere minutes) of losing her and the collision of this reality will awaken even the most dormant of emotions. But in the wake of this crisis, as we kick through the collateral damage and take stock of the disrepair, our love emanates a glow that can transform a dark and dreary setting into what we hope is a beacon of hope.

With love, all things are possible.

In the face of soul-crushing adversity, when tears should be a mainstay, she physically wills herself up and in to her prosthetics with the grace of a ballerina slipping into her slippers and the fierceness of a warrior going to battle. She’s intelligent.  She’s beautiful.  And she’s fun.

In short, she’s my true love.  And always will be.

And ours is but one story.  Many share our deep love and affection.  So talk to people you know with strong marriages and let them be your guide.  We exist in a world craving meaning and seeking love. Let’s celebrate where it’s found.

Thanks be to God.



This is the most beautiful love story I have read. (Brooke Batchelor Sumner is my daughter and I have known your sister and your Mom for years. I have kept up with you and your family in my heart and prayers.) I will read this over and over to remind me of the LOVE in our lives. Your family is such an inspiration and we wish you the best. Keep the love going, you have a beautiful wife and most precious children, wonderful parents and sister. Hope today is a great one.


Simply beautiful. Love you both.


Brook, bravo, just…bravo! What a muse!


Bravo Brook! Bravo! Such a muse!


Brook – thanks for the sharing a wonderful tribute and contagious encouragement to love without bounds. God bless you and your family…


Brook, you and Kristen have touched so many lives with what you have gone thru. And truly you hit the topic of the new millennium–that of people searching for something that they know is missing. Yes they know and think it is love. And they will be wise to model it after the Love you and Kristen share and demonstrate. But, use your opportunity to show them the secret you two have known–Christ Jesus in the real answer and anchor of your Love. If they will but learn that simple fact, they too can achieve the level of Love you two experience each day, and share within your family and with those you come in contact with. I’ve known you a long time and love you both dearly. And am proud of what you have faced, and how you both held on, and trusted God to see you thru those tough times, and the rewarded that faithfulness. He will continue to reward that, much as he did Job. Read Job’s story–his faithfulness was not forgotten by God for he and his family went thru, and believe the same for you and yours. Now in the powerful name of Jesus, go forth and share the Good News!!!!
Your friend,
“uncle” Ron


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