Does this shirt make me look altruistic?

Brands which integrate socially-conscious business practices are all the rage these days.  And rightfully so.  Corporate responsibility is a buzz-word, but one I hope will sustain.  If you’re going to buy something, why not make it an opportunity to give back?  Take, for instance, the popular shoe company TOMS.  I recently bought my 2nd pair of TOMS;  a pair of Chukka boots (my first pair had to go to Goodwill after my wife finally confessed to me that they looked like jazz shoes).  I have to admit, I felt good that my purchase would in turn provide for a pair of shoes for a child in need. (check out their statement here:  But it doesn’t have to stop with shoes.

Think of the other items of on your list.  Your spaghetti sauce?  Try Newman’s Own brand (they donate all after tax profits to educational and charitable purposes).  What about that toothpaste or soap?  Try Tom’s of Maine.  Their products are made with natural and sustainable resources, from the product itself, right up to the packaging.  There are a host of brands offering socially-conscious options.  I advance that choosing from companies with these objectives will provide you not only with the quality product you’re seeking, but also with that good feeling we all crave. So for this holiday season, if shopping is how you celebrate, explore some of a socially-conscious brand.  I found a website which might help:

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